Pioneering diagnostics

Social philanthropy

As a public health leader with a global presence, we place patients and, more broadly, people, at the heart of our activities. We uphold our corporate social responsibility through support to a variety of initiatives.

Support to international organizations

国产微拍福利bioMérieux also works with international organizations such as the Bill Clinton Foundation, the United Nations, the World Bank, the Global Business Coalition, and the European Commission, by supporting certain initiatives (financing research projects, international programs, etc.). Through these different partnerships, we intend to use our expertise to make healthcare more widely accessible throughout the world.

Support to local initiatives

Beyond the Company's corporate sponsorship policy, teams at the subsidiaries are involved in humanitarian activities nationally as well as a number of initiatives in partnership with local NGOs.

The partnerships below are examples of bioMérieux's commitment to local associations from the Rhône-Alpes region (France).


Sport dans la Ville - France

bioMérieux and are partners since 2007. Through sport, this association aims to promote the social and professionnal inclusion of young people coming from  underprivileged neighbourhoods. bioMérieux’s commitment takes the form of mentoring and integrating of young people from the association in different departments of the Company.

Institut Télémaque - France

国产微拍福利bioMérieux initiated a partnership with in 2014. The Institut’s mission is to help deserving and eager-to-study young people rise in society. For the 2015-2016 school year, the Company financed the support of 16 young people selected by Institut Télémaque.

国产微拍福利bioMérieux's subsidiaries also set up solidarity actions at their local level.

Learning - South Africa

In South Africa, bioMérieux partnered with the Skill Tech Solutions training company to train 23 unemployed people in 2018, some with disabilities. This learning program started in February for a period of 12 months.