Sharing our vision

The forces that bring us together have been defined by our family holding company, Institut Mérieux, and are supported by all employees of the Group companies around the world.

The bioMérieux teams are federated around the pillars that support the Institut Mérieux companies: our commitment to public health, our social commitment, our roots, our vision beyond borders and our pioneering spirit.

Every entrepreneurial undertaking is also the story of a shared adventure. From the beginning, the bioMérieux adventure has brought together men and women committed to a humanist cause to serve public health.

国产微拍福利The Company places great importance on collaborative innovation and entrepreneurial capacity. Daring to explore uncharted territories, recognizing our limits while seeking to go beyond them, taking pride in the achievements and setting our sights on the projects that lie ahead: these are the founding principles that have driven bioMérieux’s pioneering spirit from the outset.

This adventure has progressed with the development of new areas of expertise that have strengthened our know-how in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of our diagnostic solutions (systems, reagents, software and services).


国产微拍福利Since it was founded, bioMérieux has combined economic performance with its commitment to serve public health. This unique outlook gives employees a strong sense of pride and belonging, responsibility and a culture of efficiency. The goal of the HR community is to promote both aspects, which are part of our DNA, by creating a motivating and meaningful professional environment.

Valérie Leyldé, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Communications