Professional development

bioMérieux employs 12,000 people worldwide. Their professional development drives our Company’s success and is a key part of our strategy and corporate responsibility.

We take a long-term approach to recruitment: bioMérieux does not recruit to fill a position, but hires individuals for their development potential within the Company国产微拍福利. This long-term perspective is part of our Company culture.

国产微拍福利Our employee development policy is based on the following three areas of professional development:

  • Internal mobility and proactively managing the skills and the career of each individual: one out of two job openings is filled internally. bioMérieux values the know-how acquired by employees and their personal development through the various jobs they have held;
  • The power of the bioMérieux network and employees’ involvement in cross-functional projects;
  • Continuous learning to promote individual development within a function or to acquire new skills, thanks especially to our corporate university.

Supporting our employees along their entire career path requires training, which represents a fundamental investment国产微拍福利 for the Company.