Learning, development and growth 

bioMérieux employs over 12,000 people worldwide. Their professional development drives our Company’s success and is a key component of our strategy and corporate responsibility.  

We take a long-term approach to recruitment: bioMérieux does not recruit to fill a position, but hires individuals for their development potential within the Company.  This long-term perspective is part of our Company culture.

Our employee development policy is based on the following three levers of professional development:

  • Internal mobility and proactively managing the skills and the career of each individual: one out of two job openings is filled internally. bioMérieux values the know-how acquired by employees and their personal development through the various jobs they have held;
  • The power of the bioMérieux network and employees’ involvement in cross-functional projects;
  • Continuous learning to promote individual development within a function or to acquire new skills.

Supporting our employees along their entire career path requires training, which represents a fundamental investment for the Company

To address the challenge of ongoing change in our professional environment, Institut Mérieux created a company university, Mérieux Université国产微拍福利, an organization dedicated to collaboration and training for Institut Mérieux’s teams as well as outside companies. It aims at implementing training programs that enable people to better serve customers for the benefit of patients and consumers.

To support our employees, it is also important to build a climate of trust and dialogue with managers. Managerial culture is a strong focus of our human resources policy.

国产微拍福利Whether you are a recent graduate eager to land your first job or an experienced professional looking to take up new challenges, bioMérieux offers you a stimulating environment on both an interpersonal and professional level.


Internal mobility at bioMérieux

  • At bioMérieux, we believe in our workforce. We encourage internal mobility to address changing job profiles and new requirements as the Company grows and develops.
  • Each year, nearly 50% of job openings are filled internally. We support our employees’ professional development within each division and seek to build bridges across the Company’s different functions worldwide.


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