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Lab Performance Services

bioMérieux works closely with its customers, helping them to advance more quickly and thus contributing to patient health and consumer safety.

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We are constantly looking for solutions that are more reliable and efficient to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Our priorities

  • Lab Organization Services
    • Following process analysis, our helps customers view their laboratory from a different angle and proposes improvements to be implemented in their lab.
    • bioMérieux is a forerunner in adapting to the specific needs of microbiology laboratories, in what we call Lean Bacteriology. We analyze the laboratory and recommend the best organizational structure to:
      • improve processes and reduce waste,
      • increase productivity,
      • cut costs and optimize quality,
      • focus lab personnel on tasks with higher added-value.
  • Quality management

国产微拍福利Regulations affecting laboratories are increasing: their goal is to continuously enhance the quality of results and the medical decision that are taken based on those results. In this context, bioMérieux is actively helping lab professionals in quality management:

  • by regularly improving the products that we offer and ensuring they meet the various regulatory requirements,
  • by offering targeted to support customers in their quality management.
    • Discover temperature monitoring and traceability automated solution.
  • Customer training
    • Customers come first: at bioMérieux, there is always a microbiologist on hand to answer any questions and help customers with their daily challenges.
    • Our regular training sessions to ensure that customers have access to the most up-to-date expertise.