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Cybersecurity & data privacy  

In light of today’s digital transformation, cybersecurity and the protection of personal data are a major concern. bioMérieux is committed to ensuring a secure digital environment in line with ethical conduct and our company’s values.

To offer useful and efficient services, we need to know our customers well. For this reason, bioMérieux collects and processes data that are used in the interest of patients and to provide customers like you with quality services and support. 


In addition to respecting demanding quality standards during the R&D and post-marketing phases, we integrate cybersecurity and data privacy measures early on 国产微拍福利in product design, conception, manufacture, testing and validation.

bioMérieux follows privacy and security standards such as HIPAA, HITECH, 21CFR part11 CLSI (AUTO11-A2), ISO, ANSSI and recent GDPR, as well as FDA, ANSM and CFDA clinical regulations and industrial integrity standards. 

To learn more about GDPR at bioMérieux, click here.

Security & Control

  • We ensure the protection and integrity of your data

国产微拍福利The confidentiality and integrity of personal data are important, and we place cybersecurity at the heart of our business. Our teams of specialists constantly focus on ensuring optimal protection of your data.

  • You retain control of your data

国产微拍福利Our solutions are designed to so that you always retain control of your data. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

Ethics & Transparency

We collect and process technical data used by bioMérieux systems in a fair and transparent way.

The information we collect is used to provide you with the most relevant services and advice. It is entirely confidential and will never be sold to a third party.


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